Lauren In Tokyo

Friday, August 13, 2004

Shochu, it does a body bad

So last night everyone from work went out to a small sushi place to celebrate a couple guys' return from Sweden. They were over there on business for about 4 months and have finally returned.

It is typical for Japanese to drink heavily at these dinners, and being the youngest employee here, I am encouraged to partake in that tradition. Today, my body is telling me that this tradition may not be the best idea.

During the commute, I experienced some mild motion sickness, so I got off the train a couple times to wait out the nausea. I also found out that I only have 32 yen in my wallet, so I couldn't even buy a drink from a vending machine. I managed to get some free water at a platform coffee shop, which was nice.

I'm still a fairly hung over and my head hurts and my stomach feels like crap. Staring at this computer screen isn't helping none.

I'd like to go home early, but I came in pretty late, as it is, so I will probably just keep sitting here with my head down until 6:30.



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