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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Henry, the girl goldfish

The other day I was up pretty early in the morning and saw Henry and Red "fighting" and what seemed like scales everywhere. Henry would swim away to a corner of the tank, and Red would follow and bump Henry's sides as hard as he could.

After a few minutes of puzzling over why they were going crazy and worrying about Henry's well-being, I noticed that the things floating around in the tank weren't Henry's scales but tiny goldfish eggs. Henry was a girl!

Goldfish eggs are very sticky, so a lot of eggs stuck to the leaves of the fake plants. Seeing as goldfish will eat their own eggs, I pulled the plants out and put them in another tub of water. If all goes well, they should hatch within the next couple days. If things don't go well, the eggs will turn white and I will return the plants to the main tank.

Fingers are crossed!



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