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Monday, August 23, 2004

Walking along the Yoro Keikoku

This weekend, the wife and I went out for a drive in Chiba and decided to take a stroll along the Yoro Keikoku. There is a walkway built along the edge of the river at the bottom of the ravine that leads from the Mizutsuki temple to Awamata falls. Stairs lead down from either end.

The weather here has been cooling off for the past couple days, so the stroll along the river was very enjoyable. I had my Nikon with me and shot the remainder of the B&W film in the body as well as a good deal of color film. I need to get those developed as soon as possible before I forget.

Lots of areas exist along the ravine floor for picnicking and recreational fishing. There were several groups of people barbecuing and having a good time. A few kids were knee deep in the river with nets trying to catch the baby trout that lived there. The fish were really tiny, so I doubt they'd make a good meal.

It was really nice to get out of Tokyo again, and the Yoro Keikoku is about as far removed from city life as you can imagine. The ravine itself is not spectacular like the Grand Canyon or anything, it is a small respite from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo living.


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