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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Famous, nationwide

If you happened to be watching Fuji TV's 笑っていいとも! last Friday, you got a 1 minute glimpse of me, my wife, and little Julian Kohsuke.

The show has a segment called "身内自慢コンテスト" which is a celebrity lookalike contest. Out of 50 or so entrants, I was one of the final 8 who actually got to be on TV that day. I went as a somewhat pudgy, family-oriented Tom Cruise.

Julian was a little trooper. Getting dragged down to Shinjuku and spending almost the whole day outdoors was pretty tiring for him, but he never complained. I think he's going to be a good kid.

I finally got a replacement cell phone. My last one, the SH252i was a great workhorse that was both technically good and attractive. I was heartbroken when I broke the LCD by dropping it on concrete several months ago. After months of searching, I've found the cell phone I've been after. And it seems that Sharp has come through again with features and styling head and shoulders above the rest.

Behold, the SH700is!

It is a FOMA phone, so it is a step up from the old 252i mova. The performance is much better, and I can get reception even in the subways. The coverage is still a little spotty compared to the almost total mova coverage, but the areas where I travel, I have no problems.

Now I just need to make sure I don't drop this one.


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