Lauren In Tokyo

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jack's wife

I'm up too late packing just before my flight back to Seattle and for background noise I've got the TV set to the Jack Van Impe show. If you're into his ministry, more power to you, but I think something's up.

His wife, Rexella (what an amazing name!), seems to be getting a little bit disillusioned with the program. Not that she doesn't believe in his eschatology, but that his prophecies and interpretations of current events just don't seem to be correct. Her voice is faltering when she speaks. Her support of Jack's prophecies are less than 100% enthusiastic. After the show, Jack is talking with someone else, not her.

Maybe it's just a normal marital spat that's oozing its way onto the show, but I have to wonder if something else is up. Could she be waking up to the reality that his ministry is based on an eschatology that relies on realities that are always true (and basically have been since the Roman empire)?


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