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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Avocado: Reaching the bottom of the glass

I swear, every time I make an avocado entry I have some kind of cold or something. Today I seem to be afflicted with a sore throat. This is worrisome because Miki had a sore throat last week and is still coughing. If I caught the same cold, that's going to be bad news.

This weekend was really cold and rainy. The avocado outside is not a happy camper, especially as the wind is strong and its leaves are getting battered. But inside, the seedling is enjoying the warmth, and it shows.

The root has reached the bottom of the glass that it is sitting in. It is curling a bit at the end, so I am thinking of how I can keep the growth relatively straight without changing containers. I have a feeling I can rotate the seed a bit and get the root to climb sideways along the bottom of the glass for a large coil. If it works, I'll try to update the pics next week.

This week, the picture shows the longer root and a little bit of the coiling going on at the bottom of the glass.



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