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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Avocado: Variable weather week

Last week we had mid-winter weather, but this week we had all sorts of weather. The weather at the beginning of the week was terrible with a typhoon blowing hard and raining really hard. Then a warm air blast came in and brought the temps up to mid-summer levels. Then the past two days, the rain has come again and the temperatures have dropped back to the mid-60s. A few other plants here have succumbed. The avocados came through relatively unscathed.

The hot weather was not very pleasant.

The seedling had no discernable vertical growth on the main trunk. In fact, if you compare last week's measurement with this week's, you'll notice that the height actually shrunk by 5mm. I believe this is due to measurement error, mostly my imprecision in holding the ruler.

However, the real growth is coming from the bud on the side. What I first thought was a new leaf bud looks like it may be an alternate trunk growing out the side.

The little leaf peeking in at the bottom is from my trial tomato seedlings. They are temporarily planted with the avocado until they grow big enough to transplant safely.

The other avocado has a lot of new leaf growth from the little bud. Just compare the bud from a couple weeks ago to today. You can really tell how fast these things are growing.



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