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Monday, August 30, 2004

Late meeting

One thing about working here in Japan is that meetings with other continents are usually not a big problem. Meetings with the U.S. are conducted in the mornings, and meetings with Europe are conducted in the afternoons.

Tomorrow, however, there will be a 3-way telephone conference between all three offices. What this means for me is that I expect to be up at 3 in the morning either tonight or tomorrow night just to listen in on this thing.

It's funny. This Japanese office actually doesn't have anything to do with the project in question.

On second thought, it's not really funny at all.


  • Hi Lauren,

    Stumbled on the blog and am enjoying it. I work for Canon in NY (North American HQ) and have spent a fair amount of time in our Tokyo offices (a 15 minute walk from the Shimomaruko station) in my 21 years here. Can certainly identify with many of your experiences. Can be reached at primarily

    By Blogger Keith, at 10:11 PM  

  • About 5 years ago I seriously considered trying to get a job at Canon. It didn't work out, unfortunately.

    The fact that it is way out in the suburbs on the opposite side of Tokyo was another big problem for me.

    By Blogger Lauren Smith, at 2:07 PM  

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