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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another TV appearance?

Yes, I spent all of yesterday, a good 15 hours worth, at the FujiTV studios shooting my next TV appearance as the Tom Cruise look-alike. It will air on 12/27 as a look-alike special featuring many of the newest Japanese stars as well as rank amateurs like me and all skill levels in between.


Ayumi Hamasaki, from the previous TV appearance was there, as well as other people who had passed the gauntlet of auditions and the weeding out process. I have to admit, I was very under-prepared compared to most of the other people. I will hopefully have some pictures up soon, but unfortunately I ran out of batteries on my digital camera and out of memory on my cell phone. 誰かチャンドンゴンの「ボグはあなたの髪がつきです」のビデオを持ってますか? So I only have a few pics to share.

Now, I need to sleep. We met at 1:30pm and it wrapped up at 2:30am. I am exhausted.


Japanese women's volleyball coach:

King Kong's Kajiwara:

Okuda Tamio and アンガールズ' Yamane Yoshiaki

Korean heartthrob Jang Dong Gun:

That's all for now. My digicam batteries went dead and my cell phone memory is used up, so no other pics. Sorry!


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