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Friday, August 11, 2006

Loss of trust

Thomas Friedman in his latest book The World Is Flat makes the claim that the key ingredient for the successful development of a flat world is trust. You must trust that your supply chain links will work correctly. You must trust that your life is not in danger. And you must trust that those around you are not out to get you.

Yesterday another wrench was thrown into the works by people who would rather not have us trust each other.

And yesterday we took the bait. Hook, line, and sinker.

The power wielded by the TSA and DHS is very upsetting. As I mentioned before, they are overzealous to the point of thuggery. Now we are restricted from bringing personal drinks onto the plane. This does not bode well for me and my family as we intend to fly to Austria in October for a wedding. Little 1 year old Julian, like all infants and toddlers, have certain requirements that necessitate an array of drinks and food for long-haul trips.

Are they seriously going to take those drinks away? Yes, according to the articles that I've read. The only exception is infant formula which the parent must taste in front of the inspecting officer.

How about, "Screw you officer."

An official with the TSA looked on the bright side and noted how airlines may be able to boost sales of in-flight drinks to parched passengers. Are these people insane? You're looking at the death of those airlines who can't make a buck except by squeezing every last dime out of passengers. There is no bright side, because the airline that provides better service will succeed over those that nickel and dime their customers to death.

Continuing on, did anyone notice that governmental agencies are now able to enable law by fiat? All of a sudden it is illegal to take a drink aboard a flight. But, hey by the way, you can take your 7-inch screwdriver and 4-inch knife onboard with you. What kind of bureacracy can produce this kind of idiocy? We are looking at the worst mismanagement of our freedoms in the name of safety of all time. It's not so much that I think these guys are maliciously trying to make air travel difficult so much as I think that they haven't got the slightest idea what they should be doing.

Meanwhile, their hand-wringing and lack of real leadership is leading to greater loss of trust in that area. Terrorists getting caught today trying to sneak explosives in their Cokes are exploiting this fear and it is working. Welcome to Terror level Elmo, everyone. Enjoy your flight and shut up, sit down, and keep your eyes closed for the remainder of the ride.


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