Lauren In Tokyo

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Tonight I went to a nomikai with some old and new members of the Teleca Japan engineering group. Two things caught my attention. The first was that it suddenly became frightfully clear that I have readers. Hello Yamada-san!

The other was that the CEO of my current company (UIEvolution), Satoshi Nakajima is widely read in engineering circles. One of the new senior Teleca developers noticed the UIE mark on my namecard and immediately made the connection. What's he like? What's his management style like? I sang the praises of Satoshi, of course. He's got an excellent sense for engineering.

It's a little past 1:00am, so I better shuffle off to bed. But it was good to have drinks with these guys. Teleca has a knack for finding really great engineers. I hope they can keep them this time around.


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