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Monday, March 12, 2007

3 more seconds of fame

A while back, Julian and I were asked to come down for a filming of some baby "手遊び" (hand play) for an educational DVD. After Julian threw up on me during the shoot, I was sure that we were not going to be included in the final DVD.

We didn't get cut! We are on there for a whole 3 seconds. Julian looking quite ill, and I looking like I just got out of a sauna. I'm surprised we were in there at all.

The video itself doesn't seem to be anything special. The producers seem to have wanted to use a lot of English in the video, but for whatever reason the English is all broken and misspelled.

The day we went for shooting, it rained a lot. Inside the studio, the lights were heating the room to well over 80 degrees (F). Julian wasn't feeling so hot since the morning, and the rough play we had to do in front of the camera made him even more queasy. Finally he threw up on set. On me. Then we went back to the green room and he threw up again. After that, we went home. It wasn't the best of experiences.


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