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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Avocado: Skipping the metrics this week

Want some metrics? How about 4 days of a terrible cold and a 38.8°C fever. This week has been pretty terrible as far as my health goes. But I think I'm over the hardest part and finally on the road to recovery.

And the same can be said for the broken seedling! The reason I am skipping taking metrics this week is because they don't really make sense at this point anymore.

The reason I started taking them in the first place was to measure the progress of the avocado stem after it was broken. The stem would need to show consistent growth or I would have to cut this little experiment short due to a failed seedling.

What I hadn't counted on was the seedling bypassing the broken stem altogether. As you can see in this week's photo, the bud that we've been looking at for the past 2 or 3 weeks has grown into a full-fledged stem of its own.

The secondary stem has completely outpaced the original stem in growth. I believe the original stem has stopped growing and will probably dry out and fall off at some point. If there is no other growth on the original stem, I may prune it back.

The other avocado plant is still going strong. The new leaves are sprouting nicely. Summer is coming and the new set of leaves will help absorb a lot of sunlight this year.



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