Lauren In Tokyo

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Growing a beard

Monday was a national holiday here in Japan. I asked my wife what the holiday was for and she said it was because the day is marked in red on the calendar that we get the day off.

Funny woman, my wife.

Also, Thursday is a holiday. Because the day is marked in red on the calendar, I suppose.

I've decided that with this many days off in a single week (6 out of 9 days) I ought to grow a beard. No significant thought went into this decision, I just thought it would be fun to do. I'll probably keep it around until the end of autumn or my wife gets fed up with it and demands that I shave it off.

Now on the fourth day of not shaving, the hair seems to be coming in a little thicker but it is still in the middle of the "dirty" look. It's time to take advantage of the look and go scare some ladies on the train.


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