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Monday, March 19, 2007

Kirin The Gold

Kirin Brewery, makers of Kirin Ichiban and other delightful (and not so delightful) beers, is introducing a new brew called The Gold on March 20th. I have a six-pack of pre-release samples!

My wife loves to fill out send-away contest entries and has a knack for winning them. The catch for her is that she only ever wins when she enters for someone else. She almost never wins anything when entering in her own name. So when we bought a case of beer a while back, she sent in the attached postcard to see if we could win an iPod.

We didn't win an iPod. But we did win this six pack of Kirin The Gold. I shared a couple cans with her father last night and was pleasantly surprised.

The typical Japanese beer sharpness is not the main taste like it is with Asahi Super Dry. It is a mellow taste with lots of hoppiness and great depth. The brewers didn't seem too worried about making the aftertaste disappear, so the beer lingers in the mouth longer than most other Japanese beers do. If I had to describe the beer in one word, I would have to call it "full". There is no holding back on the taste of any one flavor, so everything comes through with great clarity yet no taste clashes with any other.

I'm no beer reviewer, so the above paragraph probably doesn't mean very much to beer drinkers. The bottomline is that it is a good beer and a good alternative to the watered-down, tasteless, throat-burning swill that is typically served.


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