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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Avocado: Heat, humidity, and rain

This past Saturday was Julian's birthday party. It was a joint birthday party for about 4 kids who were all born around this time of year at the same hospital. We all had a good time, and had way too much cake.

I made my increasingly famous nachos. And what takes center stage in the recipe? Why, an avocado, of course. So now I have an extra avocado seed and am considering sprouting another one. I have two seedlings already, this would be a third, and there is a fourth waiting in the unpeeled avocado in the kitchen.

Growing these things is my small way to combat global warming, or something...

This week was relatively warm. The humidity has become very high and yesterday it rained almost all day. This signals the start of the Japanese summer. The rain will last about two weeks in a mini-season called tsuyu. During these two weeks, the temperatures reach into the 90s and the humidity is maxed out at 100%. It's a terrible time for us humans. The avocados are responding very happily, though.

There isn't much growth news this week except to say that the main trunk seems to have been completely bypassed in favor of the secondary trunk. This is the growth that started from a little shoot on the side and has now grown into the main trunk. The only worry is that as the tree grows, will the joint strength hold?

I meant to transplant the tomato plant this weekend, but found out in the process that we don't have a shovel. I will need to transplant it this week.



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