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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Making dinner reservations

Every now and then this company decides to go out for a whole-company dinner. This is in stark contrast to my previous company where we all tried to avoid each other once we left work.

This time, I am in charge of making reservations. I was planning on having it next week or early the week after, but the word came down from on high that it should be this week. That leaves me with only tomorrow as a possible day because it seems the other days are already planned for.

It's a little like herding cats. First, no one seems to be able to agree on a cuisine. Then some people drink, others don't. No one is able to tell me whether they can go or not, so I can't even call a restaurant to see if they have room for 10-15 of us.

The size of the room changes for groups over 10, so I know that there will be at least 10 engineers there, but I haven't received any word from the sales or managers yet, so I can't make a reservation.

The only saving grace is Guru Navi (Gourmet Navigator) which helps find restaurants with only a few clicks. I wish it had English, but it looks like the individual restaurants design their own webpages so it would be asking a lot for them to translate it into English as well.


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