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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Avocado: No updates in a while

It's been a few months since the last time I updated the avocado information. There has been a lot going on, a new job, overseas travel, and the always-constant laziness.

Pictures can explain the situation better than a textual description, but I don't have pictures, so you'll have to make due with your imagination.

The avocado that I have been watching for the past few months has grown to almost a foot and a half. Due to the heat, I am worried that its growth may be stunted a bit. Sun damage is a definite possibility in the summer months. Given that the avocado is growing in a pot and not in an open soil area where its roots can spread out, I am curious if the tree will be stunted and will fail to develop a large canopy to protect itself from the sun.

The leaves have grown large, and there is a clear pointiness of the leaves. The older avocado has rounded leaves. Unfortunately, the latest leaves do not seem to be growing to full size. This may be just a little bit of overcaring on my part, but if the leaves fail to grow out, then there may be a real problem.

The little tomato plant that I temporarily put in the same pot as the avocado has been transplanted and has grown quite a bit. It had flowered, but the strong wind of the other day broke the top of the plant off. However, this is not that bad because the tomato plant itself is not big and mature enough to handle a tomato at the moment. This year may be a bust for the tomato crop. Next year I should probably start a month or two earlier to maximize the number of tomatoes.



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