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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Avocado: Strange weather in Japan

The weather this year in Japan has been very strange. First, we haven't had any typhoons at all. But instead of typhoons, we have had a steady stream of thunderstorms. These thunderstorms, quaintly dubbed "guerrilla rain", have been heavy and life threatening for those caught unawares.

The pictures today aren't very good because the sky already darkened and the camera's flash was far too strong to take a good picture.

If you can, note the small bud growth at the top of the younger avocado. It looks like a new flourish will be coming in soon, so I am hoping that the leaves are fully formed before the temperatures drop too far.

On the older avocado, there is a smaller bud growth, but I have a bad feeling that there may be something wrong with this avocado. It has stopped making leaves for a while and it is a bit droopy. The water seems to be fine, so I worry that it may not be getting enough nutrients. I noticed today that it did not receive any direct sun due to the angle of the shadows cast by the veranda wall, so I may have found my culprit. I have moved the pot a bit out of the shade and we will see if it can get on with photosynthesis and feeding itself.

For kicks, here's a shot of some strawberries that I've been growing for the past year. The shape is nothing to look at, but they are sweeter than any strawberry I ever got at the store.

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