Lauren In Tokyo

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stubbed my toe

This post is the reason we all blog. To tell the world that we stubbed our toe.

I was creating some 年賀状(New Year's cards) this past Sunday night with Miki and I heard Julian start crying in the other room. I promptly stood up to go help him and just as promptly fell down on my face.

My leg was completely asleep. I couldn't feel my feet or my toes or the fact that the carpet had just taken a huge chunk of skin right out of my toe.

My foot, crumpled over so that the top of my foot was somehow the bottom, refused to come to and I stumbled my way to the hall where I fell over again bruising the entire outstep of my left foot. Julian continued crying as I dragged myself into the bedroom on my hands and knees with blood pouring out of my lifeless foot.

I gave him back his blankey and he went right back to sleep.

Miki was delighted at the whole spectacle and sat cackling in the living room. Someone will be getting coal this Christmas.