Lauren In Tokyo

Friday, June 08, 2007

Where have all the books gone?

I have two main ways that I pick books to read. The first is to pick a book that I've either always wanted to read (Grapes of Wrath) or one that I have been recommended (Future Shock).

The other method of book selection is to look at Amazon's bestsellers list and pick up something that looks interesting or different. This way I can keep up with the current zeitgeist without much effort.

But I just can't find anything that I want to read on the list anymore. I'm not interested in Harry Potter. I am not up for giving Khaled Hosseini another chance after his mediocre Kite Runner. I'm not trying to lose weight or get rich quick. The politically charged books don't hold any spell on me. And the novels all look to be more of the same dreck that lines the airport magazine racks than the next great thing.

The one book that does seem to be a step above the others is Hitchens' God is Not Great. It isn't the subject matter that excites me (Dawkins makes me want to tear my eyes out). It is the pure writing ability and literacy of Hitchens that makes his work stand out.

But it's only one book in a list of 100. I can't possibly save any money ordering one book, so I will have to make due re-reading something that I already own.

Which is fine with me. I need to save some money anyway.